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It’s a fact. 50% of all businesses will fail within the first 5 years.
And only 1% will grow larger than 10M in sales.

Our Thrive Business Guidance System can help change those odds.

We’ve been selected
for the AICPA & CPA.com
2023 Startup Accelerator Cohort

Introducing the Thrive Business Guidance System with Codified Wisdom.
The first ever “Knowledge as a Service” for small to medium sized businesses.
Imagine an air traffic controller- he constantly manages multiple flight paths, keeps everyone in the loop with up to the second data, warns anyone about any threats, and sees down to road to be sure everyone arrives safely.
That’s the idea. Know Everything and Thrive. Not rocket science, but oh so useful.

Finally a Business Guidance System that actually guides the business. We have leveraged the collective experience of industry experts, codified it and baked it in to a system that will guide business to success. Gone are the days wondering if you have enough cash to survive, or is your business profitable. Here are the days when you know everything about your business in 4 easy to read modules that are always on, always current and ready to guide you through any impending issues with answers to your business questions,

Discover what you don’t know. VALIDATE WHAT YOU DO.

Four modules, each delivering the business information you need day in and day out.
See current cash flow, historical cash flow, and predict what it will be. Answer pressing business questions and get alerted to questions you haven’t asked. See how your competitors are doing and compare your business health to theirs. Look into the future and get a sense of coming business performance. PLUS, get true business guidance – Alerts when something is amiss,  Advice based on current conditions, Predictions when everything is performing up to expectations. A Comprehensive Guidance system at an affordable price.

“4impactdata provides a high-level view of our entire organization. It enables us to see the big picture while clearly identifying the most critical issues/opportunities we face as an organization.”