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This is not Rocket Science. It is Business Guidance.
4 Easy to use Modules will help guide your business. Made for the CEO, CFO and everyday business user. Up-to-the- minute business data presented in an easy to read set of auto-refreshing dashboards. Every time your data changes, the modules update with it, so you are always in the know.

Thrive Insight

The overall look into your business, Thrive Insight gives you in-depth, up-to-the-minute looks into your total business. One look and you will know where you stand, where you’re going and get a clear sense of how your buisness is functioning.

Thrive Benchmark

It’s always goood to know where you stand when compared to like businesses. Are they more profitable? How are their sales compared to yours? How are they doing on cash flow? Know these and a whole lot more when you use Thrive Benchmark. Our Business Guidance System is constantly learning. All you need is to have a look to get all the skinny.

Thrive Predict

The Thrive Business Guidance System lears as it goes. Data that is acquired is stored and the resulting “Codified Wisdom” becomes smarter. So, when a client looks for predictions of his business, our system draws on literally thousands of instances to present a forward looking prediction.

Thrive Alert

Things can get sideways in a hurry. Since the Thrive Business Guidance System is always on and always analyzing business data, it generate alerts any time a key indicator needs attention.
Alerts are emailed almost instantly and may be accessed any time, anywhere–that’s 24/7/365.